Today it is the responsibility of every human-being to make every effort to fight the deadly virus. Firstly, by behaving sensibly and following the instructions of WHO and their National Health Organizations, in order to minimize the chances of becoming a virus carrier and spreading the disease. Additionally, by looking into the social challenges their societies are facing and by helping the most vulnerable, who, despite government propaganda, may not be the oldest citizens.

Every person on the Earth has been affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. Airplanes are grounded, borders are closed, businesses are shut, citizens are forced into quarantine, and governments are taking spontaneous emergency decisions undermining the principles of democracy.

All this, if it is not stopped soon, can lead to chaos and unrest.

We must all act together to reduce negative consequences of the lock-down shortsightedly imposed by individual politicians all over the world under the umbrella of the emergency ruling, often with disregard to common sense and public opinion.

Today the importance of developing a vaccine and the rescue plans for the economy are being inflated by mass media to such an extent that they are becoming a cult. The whole situation becomes more and more scam-like, especially considering the absolute, deliberate and uncalled-for destruction of economic and social connections between ordinary citizens and businesses. Furthermore, people are bombarded by emails and text messages from their banks and other reputable service providers with persistent warnings describing whoever talks to them about Corona Virus as scammers or conmen, demolishing chances of any good-will attempts to challenge, influence and reverse the socially destructive trends.

In this extremely difficult situation, when the most socially vulnerable younger groups are totally abandoned by the state institutions, deprived of schools, colleges, sports training sessions and their other social circles; there are admirable private professionals: psychologists and sociologists, who work around the clock, saving the lives of victims of domestic violence, child abuse, sexual abuse and minimizing psychological traumas from job losses, income losses, and other consequences of lock-down – so pathetically called 'quarantine'.

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By donating today to vtclinic, you will also contribute to setting up additional emergency telephone helplines in your country or another country in need.


Every $1 makes a difference in stopping suicides, abuse and other consequences of the politicized lock-down.

Not every family is supportive towards its members. Many young people, who live on their own, now find themselves in virtual solitary confinement. Those with hyperactivity or other mental disorders potentially cannot cope with such lock-down, which requires the skills of a trained individual used to doing the time.

Help the vulnerable overcome the crisis. Go to the VTCLINIC website. Directly contribute to the activation of a new or an additional helpline in your country.


Your support is needed to reduce the destructive impact COVID-19 brings to bear on the younger generation

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